Lo, the camps of the tents of green
Sleeping under the sunlight, sleeping under the moonlight
content and silent at last, 
But we need not provide for outposts, nor word for the countersign,
Nor drummer to beat the morning drum.
 Walt Whitman 

These are Members that have passed on:

Bob D. Fox
November, 2015
Dr. Orange B. Ormsby - USV (2014)
 Dr. Edward Flewellen - CSA (2012)
His First National Event - Perryville, KY (2007)

 Dr. Orange at Pry House - Antietam, Md. (2012)
  Greg Rodenbeck, D.D.S.
October, 2014
At Cantigny Wheaton, Illinois (2013)

Newnan, Georgia School Program (2014)
 Operating in Boscobel, Wisconsin (2013)


Diane Cleckner
April, 2014

Kenosha, Wisconsin Civil War Museum Event (2014)

Galena, Illinois - Grant's Home Front
April (2014)